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About Us

About Reference Ring Portugal


Reference Ring´s initiator is Mr. Hans Mulder, a Dutch citizen who worked as Managing Director of the Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo for 27 years, which is also a platform that bridges people from different cultures. He still holds powers for Dutch investors in Brazil and also assists Brazilian companies entering Europe. His skills as intermediator and team builder with deep knowledge and understanding about especially Dutch and Brazilian environments proved very useful in Portugal, where he also takes full advantage of the other European languages he manages.

His personal philosophy is quite the opposite from people who believe that “a good salesman is able to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo”; in his opinion a good salesman would do precisely the opposite and advice the Eskimo differently.  That is because no deal is good if it isn´t good for both parties – The basic approach and philosophy behind REFERENCE RING PORTUGAL Lda!

Code of ethics and conduct

This Code of Ethics and Conduct of REFERENCE RING Portugal Lda (NIPC 514961198) establishes the principal elements that must be considered in its relations with and among partners, executive partners, staff members, as well as end-user clients and other parties that have social or commercial relationships with or via the company.

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The management of REFERENCE RING Portugal Lda. and all of its partners and executive partners are committed to the providence of the best possible services and to the indication of parties with high standards of quality.

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